Boulder walls are an attractive and popular way of retaining awkward and sloping land. Families want reasonably level blocks that are easy to maintain and make safe and maximum use of their area, especially for the kid’s playing area.

They can be quite challenging to build and require someone with experience and skill, and the right machinery.
The walls can come in a variety if shapes, sizes and flavours using Sandstone, Granite, or maybe Lava Stone and Porphry. Usually they only need council approval if they are over one metre.

Showing some of the various stages of construction of boulder walls on a development at Coomera. Here we’re using huge cut sandstone blocks that were so heavy that the bobcat’s rear wheels were off the ground while they were being nudged into place.

The cut sandstone gives the gardens a geometrical and neat appearance.

Other ways of using sandstone is to piece together random fragments like completing a jigsaw puzzle. Here you really need to have a feel for what stone will fit where so that the wall is completed neatly to the right and even height.

.The corners get really tricky here. Every rock has to be exactly right so that the ends of each piece line up exactly. Other types of boulders you can use are porphry…Here’s a couple of examples using both Porphry and granite.

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