All-year round conifers. All shapes, sizes, and colours


        A couple of useful tips when starting a new garden:
If your budget allows…buy two or three Super-Advanced specimens to give focal points and draw the eye…
To give the illusion of a mature garden, use Potted Colour to fill the bare spots. Petunias in particular are         good value because they can be harshly pruned before their initial flowering period has finished, and away         they go again! Another flowering period…You could say two for the price of one!


Organise what your needs and wants are: Do you need a play area for your kids?
Are you after beauty or function. In other words, do you want your yard to
look pretty, or do you just want to grow vegetables? 
Do some rough sketches of possible Layouts…where you     think everything should go. And then bounce ideas around with your family.

         A mature back yard; good for a wander! …Hide & seek for the kids.


Sometimes it’s nice to have perfume in your garden, particularly near entries and exits. Consider flowering periods: Summer, Winter, All year. And don’t buy some cute little plant when you visit a nursery just because it has a pretty flower. That will only last three weeks or so…what about the rest of the year!


You can choose your plants according to foliage color which can vary according to the seasons..Conifers are a good example. Apart from a striking variation in available colours (without flowers!!), the colour can vary according to the season.
In spite of their beauty however, many conifers are not suited to Queensland’s climate and humidity, and need care to protect them from pests like Thrips.
What about texture?…Gardenias, Lilly Pillis, and camellias have shiny dark leaves compared to “fluffier” plants like Ferns and Conifers. And then think about plant shape. Round shapes, Conical, Vase, etc.
In the garden structure, go from ground-cover in the front to small to medium to large, so that everything can be viewed.

    IMPORTANT…talk to the experts before spending too much money!!